Welcome to my shop

Welcome to my shop

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Decoupage Images
 Decoupage Images

 Seasonal Designs "Sweet Bunny" Tag Set

 Tiny Note Tag

 #50 Rose Papers and Journal Cards #50 Rose Papers & Journal Cards

Memories Tags & Journal Cards

 Time Waits For No Man Tags  Memories Journal Cards

 Large Folding Jar Tag
 Vintage Photo Tags Vintage photo tags Sears & Roebuck Harvest Equipment

 Vintage Fan


Pink Sheet Music with Roses Papers
The kit includes 5 papers and one free using 

a beautiful frame from The Graphics Fairy


  1. Really love your site. Everything is sweet and pretty. Also, thanks for the tip for dogs eye stains.

  2. Thank you, Lucy for the kind words. I'm glad the coconut oil worked for you too.
    Come back anytime !